The Artist


Phil Bedford has been involved in Graphic art since a tender age back in 1989 and involved in motorcycle racing, as a team founder of S.P.Racing, since 1994. The team, co-founded with brother Stu, enjoyed success over their 12 years of racing with an ethic of hard work and determination culminating in 3 championship winning seasons, 2 runner-ups slots and a third in a novice championship. During the time with the team Phil painted parts of the machines’ livery and began his love affair with the art form.


His helmet painting hobby soon began to the attract attention amongst fellow riders and has smoothly progressed into a professional business supplying helmet art and other design and painting services to number of top and up and coming riders.


Having a passion for the motorsport is in the blood and Phil can relate to any rider or driver who wants to get themselves noticed and the importance of looking and feeling good. They say any form of motorsport is 90% in the head and confidence breeds from within. "If you feel good about what's on your head - you'll feel like a winner inside your head!"

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